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Musician, programmer, web designer, copywriter, fiction writer, and international raconteur

So...who is this Bryan Lackey guy anyway?

Welcome! Perhaps you've come here looking to hire me, either as an employee or for your freelance project. Perhaps you're interested in my music. Or you might just be interested in reading my ramblings about the world. Regardless of what brought you here, I hope you enjoy your stay.
As for who I am, well, glad you asked! I'm a man of many interests, with some talent in a few of them. I'm trained as a music teacher, and I count the best time of my life as the time I've spent in a bandroom. I'm also a musician and composer, playing trumpet and trombone with a wide variety of classical, jazz, and rock groups over the years (and even one hiphop group). I've done custom arrangements for other bands, written my own music, and even done the score for an short independent film. I'm also always on the lookout for the next project, the next gig, and the next creative adventure.

But...there's more to life than music, as amazing as it might be. I started messing with computers in the early 90s, back when knowing how to turn a computer on was a marketable skill. Very quickly I started building my own systems (with the help of a very indulgent father) and doing repairs for family and friends, and not too long after I discovered programming. All through high school if I wasn't practicing, I was programming. I wrote databases for various volunteer organizations over the years (and my own small business), and recently I've decided to dive back into things. VB/VBA and Access are my current specialties, and I'm picking up (with varying degrees of success) a wide variety of new tricks, including Perl, Java, C++, and web design and programming with CSS and PHP.

Finally, I write. I wrote my first fiction in junior high, and I've kept with it as a hobby ever since, writing stories about superheroes, love, loss, and life's adventures. I've also written nonfiction, often as an educator, including pamphlets and brocheures, handouts, and political essays.

Thanks for coming!