Bryan writes music too!

The Music Of Bryan Lackey

Composition, Arranging, And Songwriting

Just Another Lonely Songwriter

It seems almost inevitable that after making music for long enough, eventually you get the urge to write your own. So too with me, although the writing part was early enough-it was just doing anything with it that took me a while.

As a writer, I've done completely original film scores, arranged for brass ensembles and student groups, provided custom horn arrangements for rock bands, and prepared transcriptions of jazz and rock music. I've also written many original songs, which are mostly available via Goodluck Shark.

All of this I can do for you. If you need a composer for your film or tv project, I can help. If you're a rock band that's looking to add horns, either in the studio or for live performance, I can help. If you just can't figure out that 60s tune and you need a chart, I can do that as well. And if you want a song, or an arrangement for a wedding or other special event, I can provide that too. I offer fairly quick turnarounds and reasonable rates, and I provide all of my work in both Sibelius and PDF formats. Please get in touch with me for any music needs you may have.

Hear my compositions

  • Touched, a short fanfilm that I wrote the score for. Unfortunately the soundtrack was never recorded with live instruments, but even with the midi patches my ideas and style are well represented.
  • Voldemort's Wand theme
    , an excerpt of which can be heard as a cue in the Touched soundtrack
  • Failed To Victory  The horn arrangement for "Let's Be Friends" is primarily mine, and we performed my arrangement of Weird Al Yankovic's "Fun Zone" for quite some time.
  • Goodluck Shark, aside from being a heck of a ska band, is currently the main outlet for my original songs. As you can probably tell, I tend to like big horn arrangements, high energy music, and lyrics that (attempt) to tell a good story.

See my compositions

Sheet music for a few of my arrangements. Songs by other people remain the copyright of their respective owners. For my original works or public domain tunes, permission is granted to perform but not record anything on this page. If you want to record something, just give me a call and I'll be happy to oblige-mostly I want to know that my music is getting used.
  • Bach Fugue I, from The Well Tempered Klavier, Book II (BWV 870)
      This is one of my favorite pieces from Das Wholetemper Klavier, arranged for brass trio. It includes parts for variable instrumentation, as well as parts that both follow the original voicing exactly and parts edited to be friendlier for brass instruments.
    pdf Sibelius 6 midi zip of all parts
  • Jingle Bells
      The Christmas classic, melody only, but in proper rhythm. For beginning band directors (or musicians) this is a great way to push your students rhythmically without having to deal with the complexities of a full band arrangement.
    pdf Sibelius 6 midi zip of all parts
  • The Letter
      My transcription of the trumpet part for Joe Cocker's version of "The Letter"
    pdf Sibelius 6
  • Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
      I rearranged this ballad as an up swing tune for three horns.
    pdf Sibelius 6 midi zip of all parts 
  • Whatever You're For, I'm Against It
      One of Goodluck Shark's songs, to show how my full rock charts are formatted and prepared.
    pdf Sibelius 6 midi zip of all parts

Arranging credits

  • Goodluck Shark, primary songwriter
  • "Touched", short film, composer
  • Ready For Vegas, horn arranger
  • several melody transcriptions for young band, including Jingle Bells, The Little Drummer Boy, and the Family Guy theme