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Jazz & Classical

Bryan at Pinocchio's in Pasadena, playing trombone, small size

Adventures In Legitimate Music

Be it a community group, school group, or professional performing ensemble, I have a great love in my life for band, orchestra, chamber, and jazz music of all kinds, and I have been fortunate enough to perform many great pieces with many great groups. Currently I am lead trombone with the Gem City Jazz Cats, I lead an as yet unnamed jazz combo, and I freelance whenever possible across all genres.

Ensembles I have been a part of...

  • San Dimas Jazz Workshop, a great reading group put together by my old band director and featuring a lot of amazing players.
  • Pico Rivera Big Band/Bangar Big Band, lead trombone and featured soloist, 2006-2011. This band was a wonderful part of my life and gave me the opportunity to record and perform charts from the Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and Buddy Rich big bands, among many others.
  • Southern California Philharmonic, principal trumpet, 2003-2006. When they were known as the Yorba Linda Orchestra I played for this wonderful group, performing a wide range of standard and pop repitoire, and parcipating in their annual "Rising Stars" concerts.

Groups I have guested with...

Recording credits...

  • "Gladiators", short film-I simulated an entire brass section on the soundtrack, including several trumpet parts, trombone, and french horn.