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Currently my programming specailties are Visual Basic, VBA, and Microsoft Access. I've written fairly large programs in all of these, and created and maintained 10,000+ record databases for small businesses and volunteer organizations. I'm currently in the process of learning Perl, C++, and Java, as well as modern web design. I've provided several examples of my work on this page, both for use and review.

All programs are provided free of charge, and the code is placed in the public domain unless otherwise noted. If you find any of this useful or interesting, please drop me a line and/or link back to my site.

  • Transformers Database

    This Access database was written for my former life as a collectible toys dealer. It is a full featured order and inventory management system, including accounts (roughly equivalent to a tab in a restaurant), order tracking, and custom mailing labels. It features extensive use of vb code and custom queries. All actual customer information has been redadacted and replaced with test data, but when in use this was several hundred records.

  • Libertarian Party Database

    This database was written during my volunteer work with the East San Gabriel Valley Libertarian Party. It's built on essentially a glorified address book, but encompasses a full feature set for political activism, including a call log, full list of available elected offices, and queries and reports to, among other things, match a registered party voter to offices they would be eligible to run for. This also makes extensive use of VBA code, lookup tables, and custom reports with subreports. When in use this was several thousand records in size.

  • MovieList

    This was written some time ago in classic Visual Basic, as a present for my father. It provided a complete, searchable catalogue of videotapes, and the movies present on each one. While the actual functionality of the program is a bit obsolete these days, it does show how to construct a good ui, build a database from scratch, and implement a quicksort in Visual Basic.

  • CSS Formatter

    This short perl script aids in the reading of CSS code. It takes "crunched" CSS code and re-expands it to readable line breaks and indentations. It either takes the desired filename to operate as a command line parameter or through simple user interaction, and uses Perl's regex engine for most of its actual operation.

  • OrderDoc Spreadsheet

    I created this as a sample of what I can do with Excel and VBA. Written with Excel 2010, this spreadsheet contains sales data for a fictional company across several months of a year. A button on each worksheet calls a form, which provides chart views of several different data possibilities. All option lists are auto filled and updated, and the form is keyboard friendly.