Bryan Lackey-Obviously a fiction. Especially on this page.

The Writing Of Bryan Lackey


Let Me Tell You A Story...

My earliest memory just might be the first book my parents ever read to me, which began a lifelong fascination with dinosaurs and paleontology (and eventually owning all the Dinobots, but that's a separate story). It also began a lifelong love affair with reading and the written word, which eventually led me to want to create my own written words. When I was young it was Judy Blume and Jean Craighead George, then Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Robert Bakker and John Horner (the dinosaur fascination again). Then I discovered comic books and more standard great literature about the same time, and it was Frank Miller, Neil Gaiman, Charles Dickens, Ray Bradbury, Isaac list of authors may not be quite as long as my English major friends, but it can go on for a good while. I was fascinated by the characters and entire worlds that great storytellers could create out of thin air-and just as often by the very human, and small scale drama that played out in the middle of it all. I set out to create worlds of my own.

My first attempts at writing were a superhero universe, which is not represented here, but will be eventually. Then I moved onto fanfic (please don't laugh-it wasn't that kind of fanfic)...and I could never finish anything. All these big, epic stories that I started never found their endings.

So I started writing short stories. Slice of life tales, about the moments in real life.

Yes, I started writing literary fiction to make my fanfic and scifi better. No, I don't apologize for it in the least.

Eventually this will be a clearinghouse for all of my fiction, including my continuing stories and print collections. For now, please enjoy a few samples of my stories, and if you like them, drop me a line and I'll post more.

  • "A Small Part To Play", short story. A story about the one who can't escape the cube.
  • "Pastorale For Two Ducks", short story. This was inspired by two ducks that would hang around my general area of campus back in college.
  • "It Was A Good Gig", short story. Occasionally I've written about real life experiences, and this was the first.
  • "Harvest's End", short story. Something possessed me (no pun intended) to write a horror story.