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Before I ever touched an instrument, my dad raised my brothers and I with his wonderfully eclectic tastes in music. From Bach, to Wagner, to the Beatles, to jazz, to all the hard rock that was popular in the 80s (I have very fond memories of Thin Lizzie from my very formative years), we listened to just about everything. As I got older, I didn't keep liking all of the same bands necessarily (though a lot of them are still on my playlist), but my ears had been pried wide open, and open they stayed.

And then in fifth grade I picked up a trumpet, trying (in a fit of bad decision making that worked out ok) to fit in with the popular kids. I never thought back then that I'd go as far as I have, heck I never thought I'd last long enough to pick up trombone two years later, or french horn and tuba a few years after that. I certainly never thought I'd fall in love with band directing, and choose to make it my life.

Since then I've gotten to do a lot of amazing things musically. I've played in orchestras, big bands, concert bands, all manner of rock groups (from classic rock to ska and punk), latin groups, and even time with a hiphop group. I've shared the stage with names far bigger than myself, including George Graham, Allan Vizzutti, and Rex Merriweather. I've even scored a short independent film. Currently I teach privately and play with local ska heroes Failed To Victory, jazz big band the Gem City Jazz Cats, and an as yet unnamed jazz combo, and my original music can be heard with Goodluck Shark. I am always seeking out new projects and opportunities, whether as an educator, band member, composer, or studio musician. For a complete music resume, please see here (html) or here (pdf). And for further details on what I've done/can do musically...

Jazz & Classical

Just because I like to play with the rock kids doesn't mean I've forgotten my roots. This section has audio samples of my jazz and classical work, as well as information on upcoming performances.

Rock, Pop, & Ska

Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Aquabats, and many more were a revelation for me-they let me know for the first time that yes, you could put horns in a rock band and it would sound AWESOME. This section details some of the bands I've been in over the years, as well as what I'm up to now (hint: I play ska).

Private & Group Instruction

For me, the only thrill bigger than being on stage has always been teaching it to someone else. From the first time I saw the lightbulb look back late in high school teaching music has been my true passion in life. In this section you can find info about hiring me as a private, guest, or full time instructor, as well as see memories of my time in teaching.


Composition is the most recent skill I have befriended, and now I can write music for you! I do original songs, custom horn arrangements (for jazz, classical, and rock), and film scoring. This section has samples of my work.

Selected Audio