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Web design

Build A Better Website, Or Maintain The One You Have

In addition to my standard programming fare, I also build websites! I'm definitely better at backend design rather than front end, but my coding is strong and well documented, and my design aesthetic is continually improving. I'm versed in HTML, CSS, and PHP, and working on adding Javascript to my repitoire. I've created sites that use and integrate media players, downloadable files, RSS, and Wordpress. I'm more than happy to create a site from scratch, work from mockups, or edit, maintain, revise, or review your pre-existing site. Please contact me with your project needs.

In addition to links to the actual sites, sources for all sites are provided as zip files for your review, unless otherwise noted. All of my code is released into the public domain, all media players, add ons, and other code written by other people remains the copyright of their respective owners, and please see individual zip files for image licensing. If you find my code useful, please hire me, or at least link back here.


    My first site of the modern era, for my ska band. This site uses basic php coding for a uniform header, and a Javascript free menuing system. It integrates a media player, a wordpress blog, and RSS syndication.


    This site right here, though using code and techniques learned from others, and reviewed and tested by many others, is all designed, written, and assembled by me. PHP is utilized for a consistent header bar and page title format, the navbar is Javascript free, and it integrates a media player, wordpress blog, image displays, and multiple download formats.