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The Writing Of Bryan Lackey

Business communication, instructional materials, editing, and technical writing

To Build A Better Pamphlet...

What unites success in education, success in the business world, and success in activism? The ability to communicate effectively. Specifically, being able to distill your often very technical, complicated content into material that is understandable, usable, and appealing to the end user. It depends on documents that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, and on content that is understandable, useful, and wants to be read.

I create that kind of content. I can help you create it too. I can prepare any manner of business communication, be it form letters, press releases, event announcements, or ad copy. I can create biographical profiles and blurbs. I can design your pamphlets, handouts, and flyers. I can create educational and technical material. And, if you already have a strong concept, resume, story, or document, I can edit it and help it become the best it can be. I can help take your document from something that you might be unsure about to something that will wow your audience, and serve exactly the purpose it needs to.

Provided here are samples of some my work, in MS-Word and PDF format, and my writing resume is here. Please contact me with your project; I look forward to working with you.

  • Bryan Lackey's Guide To Picking An Instrument

    , a guide to choosing and acquiring a high quality instrument as a beginning musician. This was prepared for my beginning band students in my last year of teaching.
    MS-Word pdf
  • Concert Program

      This is the program from one of my band concerts, prepared and designed by myself. Student names have been redacted to protect privacy.
    MS-Word pdf
  • "40 Candidates For Freedom" Candidate Information Pack

      When I was a political activist for the East San Gabriel Valley Libertarian Party I prepared this information pack for prospective candidates. This was part of a broader candidate recruitment drive that I planned and developed.
    MS-Word pdf